Founder and Host Manifest Money Now

Jenenne is aTransformational Speaker, Author and Spiritual Life Coach who is passionate about being a catalyst for heart-centered women, entrepreneurs, though leaders and executives to recognize their value and maximize their relationship with money. She challenges and charges women to live with passion, increase their profits, and build a powerful legacy.


Tyrone Jackson

Tyrone Jackson, The Wealthy Investor,is a trusted stock market trader, mentor, and best selling Amazon.com author. Mr. Jackson teaches his students how to create wealth and residual income, trading and investing online. He has built his reputation on his unique ability to simplify stock trading and investing. Tyrone is a frequent guest on radio and TV shows, and has been featured in CBS MarketWatch.com, the Los Angeles Daily News, and the San Francisco Chronicle. ā€œIā€™m convinced anyone can change their financial life, if they are willing to keep an open mind and change their thinking,ā€ says Mr. Jackson.


Dr Lisa Lewis

Dr Lisa Lewis is Your Rapid Recovery Expert, the CEO of Lewis Healing Institute, owner of NatureDrsNutraceuticals, Bastyr University graduate, leading licensed board certified Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, healthy living mentor, author and speaker.
Dr. Lewis teaches high achieving, spirit lead professionals and entrepreneurs that are stressed out, overworked, who have been ignored, lost faith in, or been mistreated by the healthcare system how to holistically transform DIS-EASE to DE-LIGHT ā€” ushering them into a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle.